About Us

1001Tracklists.com is the world's leading DJ tracklist database, home to 350,000+ tracklists to date. While providing tracklisting and listening for festivals, radio shows, DJ sets, podcasts, and promo mixes, 1001Tracklists has built a comprehensive database and a devoted international community, firmly establishing itself as the Wikipedia of dance music. Because of its unique insight and transparent data, the 1001Tracklists website has become a trusted reference point, industry standard, and leading media brand in electronic music.


David Guetta @ 1001Tracklists ADE Celebration 2019


1001Tracklists is so much more than just a website however. We're a truly global community. Bringing together everyone from casual music listeners to industry professionals, global superstar artists to diehard fans, 1001Tracklists is THE pulse of the electronic music heartbeat. This ethos is at the core of our merch and shines through in our designs.


Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano @ 1001Tracklists ADE Celebration 2021

1001Tracklists was born from a deep passion of electronic music which still burns as strong as ever. If it wasn’t for a party in Ibiza in 1999, 1001Tracklists likely would not be around today. Our merchandise is a culmination of these life changing nights for each of our team members. We’re confident you’ll feel content wearing our merchandise, celebrating the passion of this great community and taking pride in being on the cutting edge of electronic music.